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Attendance Policies
Wisdom Mission School Students are expected to attend every class in a punctual and prepared manner. Parents must contact the School ahead of time if the student will be absent, late, or leaving school early. Students with constant and excessive unexcused tardies will be subject to detention and necessary disciplinary actions. Students with constant and excessive unexcused absences will be in danger of losing units and possible expulsion from school. If the attendance of a student at any time becomes a problem, a meeting with the school Principal and parents of the student will be arranged.
Academic Dishonesty and Cheating Policy
All forms of cheating are prohibited. Cheating in the form of copying, plagiarism, academic dishonesty, or deception that unfairly, improperly or illegally enhances the grade on an individual or group assignment, or a final course grade will result in serious consequences. Cutting and pasting from the Internet or other sources will be considered plagiarism. Texting or using cell phones to share answers is also cheating. If students have any doubt as to whether a particular act constitutes cheating, he/she should ask their teacher before proceeding.
Suspension & Expulsion Policies
If a student at any time breaks the rules of conduct, proper disciplinary measures will be taken according to the severity of the situation. Excluding extreme cases of misconduct, a student will only be suspended for a duration of 1-5 days depending on what he or she has done. Excessive suspensions may and will lead to expulsion if the student continues to be a problem. The Principal will always be the final decision maker of any disciplinary actions dealt to students.
Dress Code
Students at Wisdom Mission School are to dress appropriately. No Gang Attire or clothing with inappropriate designs will be allowed. All types of clothing are allowed except for the following:
  • Hats, Visors, Bandanas, etc.
  • Spaghetti Straps, Tank-Tops, Sports Jersey's
  • Slippers, Sandals
  • Baggy clothing
If a student comes to school improperly dressed, they will be asked to call home immediately and told to bring a change of clothes. If the student does not agree to change, proper disciplinary actions will be taken and the student will be sent home.
Student ASB and Event Policies
Participation in ASB, Club, and School activities are a privilege. The following may exclude a student from participating in a WMS event or activity:
  • Quarter GPA below 3.5
  • Seven or more tardies
  • Five or more unexcused absences
  • Five total days of on campus/off campus suspension
  • Students on probationary status for disciplinary referrals
Class Change Policy
Wisdom Students are placed in classes based on student requests, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations. Schedule changes will only be made for the following reasons:
  • To balance class size
  • To correct a scheduling error
All schedule changes will be determined and approved by the WMS counseling staff. Schedule changes will NOT be made for the following reasons:
  • Student does not like the teacher or the instructional style
  • Parent makes a request
  • Student is failing the class
  • Course content is perceived by the student to be too difficult or too easy
  • Personality conflicts
  • Student decides he/she no longer wants to be in that course after the drop deadline
Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
All and any types of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and drug paraphernalia are not allowed on campus at any time. Not even over-the-counter drugs such as Advil or Tylenol are allowed to be in the student's possession. Do not bring them to school!
Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy
Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices must not be visible or used anywhere on campus for any reason between the hours of 7:15 am and 6 pm regardless of the student's individual schedule. All cell phones and electronic devices must be stored either in their backpack, locker, or car.
Identification Card Policy
Students must carry their current school-year identification card at all times. Students without their Identification Card (ID) or who fail to produce their ID when asked will receive a detention. Replacement ID cars may be purchased at the activities office.
Littering Policy
Students are expected to properly dispose of their trash while on campus. Littering is prohibited. Students caught littering will be asked to pick up their trash and may be assigned community service.

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